Summary of graduated Proft levels

Level      Description
=========  =============================================================
5.0        no Proft

4.9 -      somewhat witty
      4.0  very witty

3.9 -      somewhat Proft
      3.0  very Proft

           Level 3 Proft is "standard" Proft.  This involves the use
           of cleverness, wit, and mild insult as a means to an end
           but without direct harmful intent.

2.9 -      obnoxious (turboProft)
      2.0  extremely obnoxious

           Level 2 Proft is used when anger is coupled with Proft.
           This is often present in heated arguments about sensitive

* * * NOTE * * *  Proft levels below 2.5 are considered dangerous and
                  should be avoided wherever possible.

1.9 -      Proft with physical contact
      1.0  damage resulting from the physical contact

           Level 1 Proft involves some form of physical contact,
           whether it be tapping someone's chest with your forefinger
           (upper 1s) or striking someone down (lower 1s).

0.9 -      out-of-bounds Proft (*)
      0.0  death by Proft

           Level 0 Proft involves a psychological change in the person
           being Proft; it is a transformation from an otherwise normal
           person into one who becomes obsessed with using Proft to
           completely destroy the recipient, and eventually themself.

           (*) Once a Proft level below 1.0 is reached, there is no
           returning to a higher level - this type of Proft is
           caused by a personality change induced by extreme
           anger and revenge and is extremely dangerous.