We will now take a moment to get to know you.
Answer all questions to the best of your ability. If you finish,
would you kindly

We also invite you to peruse the responses.

May we ask your name?
Our name is Proft.

Where were you schooled?

Were you an affiliate of an institution inhabited by a number of large men? No Yes
Did they like to eat?
Could you see that?

How are you with the Bourne shell?

Do you have anything derogatory to say about Emacs¹?

Do you own
a telephone set?
a television set?
a computer?

Do you like to play with electric trains? No Yes

What is your affiliation with any corporation in Dallas?

Describe anything you'd like to show us:
Note: pictures may be E-mailed to [email protected]

Is it in your car? No Yes

Do you have any special tools? No Yes
How did you get them?

Thanks for your time.

We also invite you to carefully peruse the responses.

¹ Emacs is a trademark of the Free Software Foundation. It is your standard "part and parcel" text-editor. By and by, it's a mainstay.
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