List of derogatory, uncomplimentary and related adjectives

abhorrent abortive absurd acerbic acicular acrimonious acuminate antediluvian antipathetic antiquated apathetic arrogant asinine astringent audacious balmy banal bantam barren biting brassy brazen callous caustic comatose conniving contemptuous cool corrupt craven cunning dastardly debauched deceitful delusive derisive destitute detatched detestable dilly diminutive discourteous disdainful disgraceful disingenuous dispassionate disrelish disreputable disrespectful down-on-the-knucklebone droll drugged epigrammatic execrable facetious faint-hearted farcical fatuous feeble flimsy foolish foul fresh frivolous futile ghastly grizly guileful hardened hateful haughty hideous hypocritical idiotic ill-defined illogical immaterial immoral impassive imperceptible impertinent impervious impolite impotent impudent inane incognizant incomprehensible indifferent indistinct ineffectual inept inert insensate insensitive insignificant insincere insipid insolent insulting intrepid invidious irrational irrelevant laughable lesser Lilliputian lily-livered loathing lubricous ludicrous lunatic Machiavellian meaningless mercenary minor misleading monstrous mordant nasty negligible nonchalant nonsensical nugatory oblivious obscure obsolete offensive opprobious out-cold overbearing paltry parsimonious passionless peewee petty pointless pompous praetorian presumptuous prosaic purposless pusillanimous recreant ridiculous rude sanctimonious savorless scandalous scathing scornful senseless shady shameful shifty shocking sickening sinister slight sly sterile stupid superficial surfeit taunting trenchant trifling trivial unappreciative unavailing unaware unconscious underhanded unessential unimportant unknowing unnecessary unperceiving unresponsive useless vain vapid villainous vulgar worthless